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A very personal tour of the Knysna Township.

This company is owned by Ella Mahlulo & Penny Mainwaring
(We endeavour to bridge the gap in the New South Africa.)

Tour costs R400 for adults and R150 for children.

On the face of it, townships seem merely to be sprawling, chaotic zones overflowing with South Africa’s most disadvantaged citizens. This is to some extent true, but make a point to delve deeper and you will recognise that they are also places of great strength, courage, song and dance, survival, love and yes, happiness.

Here, there are no high walls dividing neighbours, and people gather in the streets to live a life in communion. We at Emzini Tours will provide you with a glimpse of this reality, offering insight into the areas that people often shy away from.

I, Ella, grew up on a farm in the Eastern Cape under the old regime in South Africa and have worked my way up from a hard start, with my own positive attitude to life, to where I am today.


I, Penny, grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to South Africa many years ago. Together we share and have/hold strong values towards helping the community and a desire to change the general negative perceptions of township life.

Quote from a local Journalist, “Ella, your guide is one of the most joyful women you will ever hope to meet and seldom without a gleaming Cheshire cat smile. She entertains guests with facts about traditional Xhosa life and their age- old customs and beliefs. When it comes to her community however, she is serious, and fiercely passionate about making a positive difference. Penny is your driver and is mad about animals and feeds any mangy, scruffy looking dog along the way! Ella and Penny are joint partners in the business.”

Over a period of three hours you will be picked up from Knysna and transported to the Knysna Township, where you will meet many local shop owners – from hairdressers, where you can even have your hair cut or try on some new styles!


Meet the children in the township streets as you tour.


Visit a Pre School, teeming with exuberant, laughing children, where you will be given the most amazing welcome. You have no choice but to interact with them and for that, they will sing their joyous songs!"



Drive now through the Township and learn from Ella more of the Xhosa culture, and let her answer any questions you have as she points out the “hot spots” along the way. The next stop is at Ella’s house in the Township for refreshments.


This is where the name EMZINI really comes into action – as it means “home” in Xhosa, and Emzini Tours is named as such, to give you that “home from home” experience. Here everyone relaxes, has some refreshments and gets to know one another. Ella and Thandi will sing the famous Xhosa Click song and others for you, teach you some Xhosa phrases and explain to you more Xhosa traditions.


Here you can have a go yourself on those drums, and see just how difficult it is to get that rhythm!

Many other sights are pointed out along the way – Video shops, Tailors, Cell shops, great views, interesting people and houses.


Then, the best view site of Knysna to end the tour, with the famous Knysna Heads in the background!


Back to town, after an exciting, happy trip, that people are always sad to end with Emzini Tours. Experience Emzini in the Knysna Township and by the end you will see why it is that WE LOVE AFRICA!

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