There are numerous children in the Knysna Township who do not get enough food due to many reasons, they could be personal family issues, such as poverty, alcohol abuse, neglect or just a dysfunctional home life.

During the 1st week of October 2009, Ella started a Soup Kitchen from her home, supported by the wonderful E-pap product. This is a vitamin-enriched porridge, provided by the charity E-pap in Knysna. Ella started with only 3 children and it grew quickly to about 29 children.

It was difficult to feed them from her home especially when the weather was not good.

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We then knew we needed a container to house this Soup Kitchen.


We had some more wonderful guests from England, Melanie and Julie and they said they would donate us a container for this purpose.

... .......

This arrived just a few weeks ago and we have been kitting it out! We had a great donation by Brian Houston of the Knysna Gas Company of a perfect two plate gas cooker. We had a donation from Amazen Trading in Knysna of goods and food – we thank you all who have donated so generously towards this project.


We not only want to feed children in the area, but to teach them some basic life skills of hygiene so they can be proud of themselves and know how to look after themselves even if they are alone.

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We will feed children once during the week at 3pm when they get back from school – and over the weekends twice a day, E-pap in the morning and a proper cooked meal in the afternoon. It will be a place where children can come, no matter what the weather – hot or cold, rain or shine. We now have little tables and chairs inside, basins, face clothes, soap, towels, tooth brushes and toothpaste to help children with life skills.

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We will need ongoing funds and support to keep this project going.

Feeding in the Soup Kitchen started on Tuesday 16th March 2010.

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