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LUKHANYISO – Ella’s Dream come true!!!
LUKHANYISO SAFE HOUSE - Registered NPO (Registration Number 082-490-NPO)

I started Emzini Tours to uplift the community. Its aim was to give people the platform to help those in the Knysna Township with food, clothing, confidence, employment, self-worth and safety.

Coming from an abusive background myself, I wanted to help women and children who are suffering in the same way. A safe house is what I wanted – a refuge, where women and children could go when they are in danger.

Many people asked how they could help. Then one day we had a German couple on our tour, Angelika and Olof Freiwand (Angie and Woody). They had the same vision and said they would like to help raise funds for the building of a Safe House.

Woody and Angie from Germany

The plan was underway – Emzini was to find and purchase the land, and Woody and Angie would go back to Germany and raise funds for the building.

We had a group of Christian Singers from America and they very generously donated R10 000 towards the land for the Safe House. We also had Pastor Munro and his wife from America, and they donated R5000 towards the land. We found a piece of land in Concordia and purchased it for R15 000!

USA Christian Singers
Pastor Munro and his wife

We have built a “Mini Safe House” until we can raise more funds to put up the bigger building we planned. We had the opening celebration on the 26th March 2010.

Building, building, building
Ella and Werner (our builder)
The Safe House consists of one big bedroom, full bathroom and open plan lounge/kitchen.
Ella, Woody and Angie “planning!”

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has given towards this Safe House. It is called Lukhanyiso, which means “The Light” – and Ella’s dream is to put light back into the broken hearted, lift them up, give them the confidence they need to go back into society and be independent. Below are pictures of the building of the Safe House and the Opening Celebration.... ....

..... ..... \

..... .....

Here are pictures of the fenced and gated property and the building as it is today. We will be able to house 6 people in this Mini Safe House, until we gather more funds to put up our bigger building.

..... .....

..... .....


LUKHANYISO SAFE HOUSE - Registered NPO (Registration Number 082-490-NPO)

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