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In the Township, the Junior and Senior Schools are sponsored by the government, so all children can attend, but children need school uniforms to attend these schools. Each school uniform costs approx. R500. Many children cannot afford uniforms and then they will not attend school because they want to look the same as everyone else.

The Pre-Schools are not sponsored by the government so only privileged children aged 5 and 6 go to Pre-School.

We had a couple from Australia called Warren and Christine Hawtin and they really wanted to help children with education and set up a fund with us for this purpose. Many people have added to it now and with these funds we pay for many children to go to Pre School and we buy school uniforms for others who cannot afford them. Below are some of the wonderful people who support the Education Project.


Warren and Christine Hawtin Henk & Anna de Ridder


Jutta and Renate David and Susan Cook and friends.

Below are some of the children we support through the funds in the Education Project.


Pre School Fees School Uniform School Uniforms for 2 boys

School Fees

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